About Us


LinC Bayside is an incorporated association* with a Board of Management. It is funded by donations from local churches, some government and community agencies, and tax deductible donations from grateful clients. LinC Bayside is affiliated with a parent body, LinC National, which has 16 affiliates around Australia who are also incorporated non-profit entities and who sign a Licence Agreement with LinC National. The LinC Bayside Board comprises a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Office Manager, as well as a representative from each of the local churches associated with LinC Bayside. These are currently:

- Eastside Community Church (formerly Bayside Baptist)
- Guardian Angels Catholic, Wynnum
- Intenciti Church (formerly Bayside Christian Family Church)
- St John Vianney’s Catholic, Manly
- St Paul’s Anglican, Manly
- Wynnum Baptist
- Wynnum Christian Community Church (formerly Gospel Chapel)
- Wynnum Manly Alliance Church

- Rationale

LinC provides a way for individual Christians to use their skills, gifts and resources to show love in action in their community. This response to unmet social needs, offered with “no strings attached,” gives church members the opportunity to put their faith and love to work in concrete ways.

* ABN: 12 786 537 975

  Incorporated Association No: IA19273