Our Vision, Mission and Values




The empowerment of Australian churches to demonstrate the unconditional love of Christ to people in need in their communities.


Mission: LinC’s mission is to:


̃ Provide cooperative interchurch networks, linking the caring resources of churches, agencies and individual Christians with the expressed needs of people in their local communities through telephone referral centres;


̃ Build supportive relationships by actively listening to people, careful analysis of needs, and appropriate practical action inside and outside local church communities;


̃ Train, coordinate, mobilise and encourage volunteers to use their ordinary resources to make an extraordinary difference in their communities;


̃ Seek to reflect servant leadership in all its operations;


̃ Demonstrate love in action in the name of Christ, motivated by a sense of compassion for people in need within Australia.




̃ We are Christian

̃ We are committed to people with needs

̃ We are partners

̃ We are stewards

̃ We are responsive.